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改句型:pEtEr,Do you homEwork At homE 1改否定句...

1改否定句; peter,don't your homework at home. 2改can句型; peter,can do your homework at home? 3改现在进行时; peter is doing is homework at home 4改一般现在时; Peter does his homework at home. 5改现在进行时的一般疑问句, Is ...

Peter did his homework last night。 皮特昨天晚上在做作业。 改为否定句为: Peter didn't do his homework last night。 皮特昨晚没有做作业。

您好答案是答:Do Peter and Kitty do their homework ? 希望能够帮助你

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Peter:Sure,but I need to do my homework first...You need to have a good rest.你得好好休息一 home.邀请家长们写出他们是否觉得年轻人在家里...

(10分) 1.What l___ do you speak? 2.The ...Do; has( )7. Peter often ___ my textbook homework C. I homeworks D. my homeworks9....

go, is doing often一般现在时,主语We用动词原形,go look 正在发生的动作be+动词ing ,Peter是个人,动词用is, is doing

1.Peter has already finished his homework.(改为一般疑问句) Has Pater already finished his homework? 2.Mr White will get to China next week.句行转换 Next week, Mr White will get to China.

Linda and I 【are】in Peter ’s house now She 【doesn't】do her homework on Sundays 有不会的可以再问我

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