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改句型:pEtEr,Do you homEwork At homE 1改否定句...

1改否定句; peter,don't your homework at home. 2改can句型; peter,can do your homework at home? 3改现在进行时; peter is doing is homework at home 4改一般现在时; Peter does his homework at home. 5改现在进行时的一般疑问句, Is ...

Peter did his homework last night。 皮特昨天晚上在做作业。 改为否定句为: Peter didn't do his homework last night。 皮特昨晚没有做作业。

您好答案是答:Do Peter and Kitty do their homework ? 希望能够帮助你

go, is doing often一般现在时,主语We用动词原形,go look 正在发生的动作be+动词ing ,Peter是个人,动词用is, is doing

【烛光】团队为您解答: don‘t have to shouldn't don‘t have to want Do want as old as 如果我能帮到您,请点击本页面中的“选为满意回答”按钮吧~谢谢!

1.Peter has already finished his homework.(改为一般疑问句) Has Pater already finished his homework? 2.Mr White will get to China next week.句行转换 Next week, Mr White will get to China.

Linda and I 【are】in Peter ’s house now She 【doesn't】do her homework on Sundays 有不会的可以再问我

Peter:Sure,but I need to do my homework first...明天你有一场篮球比赛,记得吗?You need to have home.邀请家长们写出他们是否觉得年轻人在家里...

1-2 CB

1. My name is not Betty and I am not busy. 2, 1) Betty can’t watch TV at weekends. 2) Can Betty watch TV at weekends? Yes, she...

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