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"watashi ni copy wo hitotsu okutte kudasai", Ousan ni mail wo henji shite kure

If there is any email sent to A later, please make a copy for me.

请以后发邮件时抄送给我的同事 Please send a copy to my colleagues later

I am the assistant of XXX, please remember that if you want to send any emails to others, at the same time, send a copy to me first. Thank you!


我们需要您特别注意下, 之後对帐的相关邮件请务必抄送给我同事LILY Please kindly pay your special attention to copy the the emails which are related with the bank reconciliation to my colleague Lily.(Thank you) 还要表示感谢。

CC=Carbon copy你可对老外说 I`ll make a copy for or to you.

carbon copy an Email to somebody 供参考。

直接说CC就可以了 一般邮件里用到“抄送”这个词比较多 日本人都说“CC”

Carbon copy the message to sb.

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