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"watashi ni copy wo hitotsu okutte kudasai", Ousan ni mail wo henji shite kure

I am the assistant of XXX, please remember that if you want to send any emails to others, at the same time, send a copy to me first. Thank you!

If there is any email sent to A later, please make a copy for me.


If E-mails will be sent to customers later, pleast copy me one so that I can know the whole process of the cantract. 强烈建议:不懂的就不要给人家翻译,以免误人之事!

If after the mail sent to A, please give me a copy, so I can understand the contract process

请以后发邮件时抄送给我的同事 Please send a copy to my colleagues later

“因为不同的业务范围,烦请不要再抄送邮件给了我 "Because of the different scope of business, please don't give me a copy of the message

CC=Carbon copy你可对老外说 I`ll make a copy for or to you.

直接说CC就可以了 一般邮件里用到“抄送”这个词比较多 日本人都说“CC”

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