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将要做某事用英语 will do sth be going to do sh.

1 be eager to do sth. 渴望做某事 2 be anxious to do sth. 急于做某事 3 long to do sth. 渴望做某事 4 desire to do sth. 希望做某事 5 be dying to do sth 非常非常急于 望采纳O(∩_∩)O

Sb be able to do sth./Sb be capable to do sth,/Sb have the ability to do sth/

很高兴为你解答: I an going to graduate.

Shedding his own suit coat and tie, he began to

最好(做某事) 常用的固定短语为: You'd better do sth, = You had better do sth. 例句: 1. You'd better finish it today. 你最好今天把它搞完。 2. You'd better stop this empty talk. 你这些空话还是收起为好。 had better在不同的语境...

Consider doing sth 例句 以下例句来源于网络,仅供参考 1. 所以有某些关于消化道的事实,如果你考虑了它们,你就不能做某件事了,亲吻别人。 So there are certain facts about the digestive tract such that if you think about them you can...

英文原文: apply to somebody for something 英式音标: [əˈplaɪ] [tə; before a vowel; tʊ; stressed; tuː] [ˈsʌmbədɪ] [fɔː; fə] [ˈsʌmθɪŋ] 美式音标...

您好 做某事的恰当方式 The proper way to do (something) 相关例句: 1.He was seized with a sudden idea to do sth. 他突然勃发做某事的念头

be eager to do sth be desperate to do sth be dying to do sth be anxious to do sth

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