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请大神帮忙翻译下 下面的英文


了不起的努力!我今天和你(你们)在我们班度过了一段愉快的时光。那很棒,在我们的课堂上,你能分享你自己的观点。 更多的练习,事实上对每个想要成为最好的人都是需要的。不要停止学习。

British Land Art as shown in this well selected, but relatively modestly scaled exhibition wasn’t about imposing on the landscape, more a kind of landscape-orientated light conceptual art created passing through. 英国的土地艺术...

Because the ship will arrive in shanghai tomorrow, the fine will be for your account if it is caused by the certificates of the following two people.

目前在公司负责会议支持和桌面支持,主要负责日常工作中windows系统使用方面、网络连接方面、打印机方面的问题的检测维护,和负责会议室视频会议与电话会议的接入和维护 Currently in the company responsible for the meeting support and desk...

补充品标示 食用分量:8滴 每瓶容量:115 每份含量:%D.V 维生素d3(如胆骨化醇)500iu 125%

The primary spring rain,the primary spring forest,The spring breeze,inferior to you

没有一个梦想是太小的,也没有一个是太大的(梦想不分大小) 随意的实行一些既美丽又无意的爱的举动 快乐不能给于而需要交换 真相不怕被质疑 敢于成为明智的人 笑

发现你的粉丝数量增长得很快呀,原来跟我一样有品味的人还是蛮多的 I've found that your number of fans has grown so fast that there are still many people who have the same taste as me.

Please give appropriate tickets to the on/off signers according to your experience

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