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求一首英文歌名字,内容和CAliForniA有关 mv是一个...

《Hotel California》是二十世纪七十年代美国著名乡村摇滚乐队Eagles(老鹰乐队)的巅峰之作,单曲发行于1977年2月,收录在乐队第五张录音室专辑《Hotel California》中。歌曲在The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time中排列第49位,2004年《Guitar...

jewel -stay here forever是在花店拍的 希望采纳

Whiskey lullaby

somebody that i used to know

Daniel Powter - Free Loop Free Loop (管不住的音符) I'm a little used to calling outside your name 如果不喊出你的名字,我在窗外会有点难受 I wont see you tonight so I can keep from going insane 今晚若再见到你,我可能无法控制自...

1, TheCranberries-Zombie 来自小红莓乐团的经典反战歌曲(火星人)4424

Explosions 播放 歌手:Ellie Goulding 语言:英语 所属专辑:iTunes Festival: London 2013 发行时间

We Don't Talk Anymore吗?

Different Devil----Chickenfoot There's a wise old tale About the same old hell Only the devil is changed With two brand new lovers Rolling in the covers Everybody wants some strange We all know somebody gonna tell you just what... bon jovi 的 it’s my life 抒情版也蛮好听的

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