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上交作业 用英语怎么说

上交作业 用英语 Hand in homework.

及时交作业 英文翻译 Hand in time

homework为不可数名词,不能加S 上交作业用短语hand in Your homework must be handed in next Monday

请在交作业时排队 用英语怎么说请在交作业时排队的英文翻译 翻译 请在交作业时排队 Please line up when you hand in your homework

这个作业什么时候的英文翻译_百度翻译 这个作业什么时候 When is this assignment 这个 [词典] this; this one; (这东西) this; [口] so; [例句]这个比那个好。 This one is better than that one.

因为有些人没有交作业的 Because some people didn't hand in their homework 注: because 英 [bɪˈkɒz] 美 [bɪˈkɔ:z] conj. 因为; [例句]He is called Mitch, because his name is Mitchell.人们叫他米奇,因为...

I come to submit my English homework.我是来交英语作业的

Did you hand in your homework last night

楼主您好!翻译结果: Our homework must be handed in on time,

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