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分好多总: 说明书:specification 解释:explanation 介绍类说明:introduction 还应该有其它的,关键看你是什么意思的说明。

工作中客人资料简称, 客人资料:guest profile (profile 属于情况简介性质,比较全面概括,如姓名、出生年月等资料),这个一般没有简称,如果一定要用简称,可用Info. 即information. 电话TEL传真FAX地址ADD联系人ATTN, “说明”是什么 --- Notes

情况说明 presentation of condition Situation Statement description of the situation 相关短语 财务情况说明书 Financial Situation Statement

I am not proud, also not commit tomfoolery, is tired of all depend on. 我不是高傲,也不是胡闹,是厌倦了所有的依靠。 It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important. 你为你的玫瑰花费了时间,这才使...

Dear sir, Refer to your request for the certificate of my parents deposit account in the bank to facilitate my Visa application. As you may know, I would have no difficulty to obtain the said necessary document from the bank. h...

“解释” 直译为make clear/explain为讲解理由/interpret为翻译,注重口头解释/gloze为书本的注解/commentate为电视和比赛等现场发表的评论

品牌、Brand 尺寸Size 、材料 Material 、产品编号 Item no. 、生产地址 add:

additional information 附加说明

说明 explain narrate account for illuminate make out say show


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