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如果是指名字的话,只要按拼音些就可以了,名字提前:Bo Wen


I have a friend. His name is Shu Wenbo. He wears glasses. I don't know whether his family is rich or poor, but I know much about his character. He loves doing physical excises, so he keeps fit and healthy. He is kind but a litt...

小题1:makes mistakes 小题2:it; to 小题3:grows up 小题4:as; as 小题5:to meeting 小题1:考查固定搭配。make mistakes“犯错误”;主语是第三人称,谓语用单数。故填makes mistakes。小题2:考查固定句型。find it+形容词+to do sth.“发现做某事...

Once, when mother to the tortoise in water, the result is in warm water.

paparazzi-----Lady Gaga


玛莎:Martha罗妮:Ronnie贝蒂:Betty 芭蕾:Barry唐娜:Donna玛丽:Mary彭妮:Penny艾琳:Eileen露西:Lucy雪莉:Shirley邦妮:Bonnie夏芝:Yeats莫菲:Murphy詹妮:Jenny海伦:Helen 安妮:Annie艾伦:Allen康妮:Connie多琳:Doreen霍莉:Hol...

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