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falls watchs century surprise quickt camping so camping dead in




1are2are 3 took part in 4 happened 5 began 6 scored 7 was 8 was 9 read 10 said 11 found 12 wasn't

aunt uncle grandparents Who they I am fine,too. Nice to meet you! they are name Thank you

I will travel to Beijing. I want to travel with my friends. I will be a rich man. helps me a lot. will be more crowed. our country will be more beautiful.


1 选D 2 选B 被动句嘛 第一个是这个剧是不是在下周播 将来时嘛 will+主语+be+被动 第二个也是 must+be+被动

61largest 62settlers 63greatly 64 was ruled 65from 66which 67to achieve 68the 69Attracted 70including

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