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the kitchen, and exclaim, "Well! To think I shoul the kitchen, and exclaim, "Well! To think I shoul the kitchen, and exclaim, "Well! To think I shoul

there is going to be 将会有,进行时表示打算或计划, 即便是在语法书上,there be 的进行时例句也很少见。

there be - 其中 there 是引导词,本身没有词意,be 是谓语动词,be 后面的名词才是主语. 若要以 there be 起句,表达进行时的方式就是把主语后的动词换成现在分词. 例如: There is a cat. The cat is walking across the street. => There is a ca...

In the Park Look, this is a nice picture of the park! There are three girls under the tree, they are reading. There are two men next to them, they are talking. And there are three boys near the lake, they are playing football....

我想“这一定是让刘子阳投降的机会到了.”我跑了过去,一只手撑住刘子阳的背,大声说:“刘子阳,我们不打了行不行.”刘子阳气喘吁吁地说:“好吗,那你放开我吧,”于是我把刘子阳放开了.我们又怕被生活老师发现,就连忙悄悄地上床睡觉了. 第二天,我们在校...

there be——存在,是一个状态。它没有进行时可言。相对地只有一般时:there is ,there are。




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