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1 She stamped her foot again. 她又跺了跺脚。 2 David called to the children from the foot of the stairs 戴维在楼梯下面喊孩子们。 3 Friends stood at the foot of the bed, looking at her with serious faces. 朋友们站在床脚处,神情...

When the dooro pens, push with your foot. 门开了后,再用你的脚把门推开。 Can you balance on one foot? 你能独脚站着保持平衡吗? Afterward I packed my foot in ice. 后来,我用冰块冰敷受伤的脚。

On foot we climbed to the peak of the mountain.What a fascinating view!

I'd like to play football with you. what about play football in the afternoon? Dou you like to play football? He is goot at playing football.

Can I go on foot? You can go on foot.

Steve  has  big   foot

【It is an old footbridge】 汉语意思是 【这是一座年代久远的步行桥】

Please touch your foot

用下面的短语造句、尽量用复合句 1、all kinds of There are all kinds of books in the bookshop which is over there. 2、 a kind of It's a kind of book I'm interested in. 3、 agree to do sth. Lily who is my best friend must agree to...

How do you go to the post office? I go to the post office on foot.

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