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Justin Timberlake演唱的《Can`t stop the feeling》


雨神为霆锋弹唱王菲的情歌,霆锋秒变羞羞哒0雨神”萧敬腾与谢霆锋共赴漫天飞雪的芬兰,一曲浪漫深情的《我愿意》引发霆锋含笑回应,而一路上萧敬腾为谢霆锋多次“破戒”更献出了自己的“看门绝技”。 题主满意我的回答的话可以采纳哦~蟹蟹~

人海中遇见你 - 林育群 词:陈雪凤/厉曼婷 曲:陈扬 你的爱 值得信赖 你的心 靠在身边 只要你在我就有许多梦想 只要你在我就有更多力量 亲爱的 我多么幸运 人海中能够遇见你 亲爱的 我多么盼望就从这一刻起和你分享所有感觉 亲爱的 我多么幸运 ...

Walk On The Water - Britt Nicole You look around and staring back at you Another wave of doubt Will it pull you under You wonder What if I'm over taken What if I never make it What if no one's there Will you hear my prayer? Whe...

Welcome Back - Rumer Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out Welcome back to that same old place that you laughed about Well, the names have all changed since you hung around But those dreams have remained and they've tu...

十二道锋味1012萧敬腾唱歌引芬兰食客惊呼 为谢霆锋创作“吃鱼歌”

Winner - Pet Shop Boys This is the moment We'll remember Every day for the rest of our lives Time may rush us Hurt or love us But on this day we have arrived It's been a long time coming We've been in the running for so long Bu...

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