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And I'll recover if you keep me aliveDon't leave me behind can you see me I'm shiningAnd It's you that I've been waiting to findI'm holding...


Oceans apart day after day And I slowly go insane I hear your voice on the line But it doesn't stop the pain If I see you next to never How can we say forever Wherever you go Whatever you do I will be right here waiting for you...

加上你后面的一半,(2/2)at your side who will definitely 句子还是没完,但是根据现有的 “如果有关我体重的答案不变,而只等在你身边(的这一决定也不变?),那人将一定会...” 如果还有问题或整句了找我

i ll be waiting for you 打印此页 歌手:pm dawn 专辑:jesus wept I'll be waiting for you Even if it takes you all of your life I'll be waiting for you 'Til you know within yourself that you are so divine Baby... baby I know what... 歌曲:here for the music 歌手:paula abdul tanding to the sound like a record going round its speed of music. we could be making out but all i rea...

歌曲名称是Wait For You Wait For You(很好听的一首歌,我电脑里放很长时间了~) 演唱者是Elliott Yamin。Elliott Yamin是2...

如果你往下掉,我会抓住你,我会一直守候着. 妮妮为你解答 希望能帮到你,不明白还可以追问. 如有帮助,请采纳.

你好! I don't know if you are waiting for me, but I'll be waiting for you. 我不知道你在等待我,但我会等你。

如果爱是等着你,那我会一直等你 (意思应该是我会一直爱着你)

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