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its thE CAsE怎么翻译

what is the case? 这是什么情况?

汪汪队里有:Chase is on the case! 包在我身上。 sb is on the case怎么翻译? 知识点相关讲解 case一般是指案件或买卖,泛指事情 on the case一般就是说某人在做这件事了 —— 疾冻博士

1、for instance Thailand, for instance, is trying to adapt the Finnish model to its own school system. 以泰国为例,曾经尝试在其自己的教育系统中引进芬兰模式。 2、In the case of In the case of Japan, has the appreciation of the y...


The Spanish case previous arguments both for and against monarchy when public opinion is particularly Polarized, as it was following the end of the France regime, monarchs can rise above "mere" politics and "embody" a spirit of...

just in case.

this is almost never the case 这几乎是从来没有的情况

than they would otherwise be 中 otherwise意思是“另一种情况下” 比如下面的例子 in a crisis people are more on edge and agitated than they would otherwise be。 翻译: 在面对危机之时人们比平时(没有危机的时候)更加焦虑不安

译文:公共交通是出于环境和社会公平的考虑,而不是为追逐经济利益。 这里我意译了,make the case有“...的理由,为了...”的意思。 以下是我找到的相关的有道例句,希望有助于你的理解: 1、I am here to make the case for strengthening ourca...

可以译为: 这不一定是真的。 或: 这不一定是事实。 necessarily 必要地 not necessary 不必然,不一定。 常用: It is not necessarily the case that ...:意为...这不一定是事实。 记得好象是大学英语精读第一册的句型(这么多年不知怎么记住...

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