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requirement on 要求 requirement o 要求 意思一样 表达形式不一样 o Removed the Armory requirement on the Orbital Relay Deep Strike ability. o取去了在轨道的继电器上的军械库要求深刮砂能力。 Modular software architecture is also des...

requirement for 就、 对…的要求/需求: Large buildings have specific requirements for firebrigade access. 大型建筑物的消防通道有具体要求。 I believe we can satisfy your requirement for any reasonable quantity. 我相信我们能满足你...

requirements for …的要求: 如: 例句筛选 1.Use a year later, unable to meet the basic requirements for mold processing. 使用一年后,无法满足加工模具的基本要求。 2.Do not choose Digest authentication unless your deployment meets ...


问题补充:1、This creates a requirement not only for people who can act quickly,but for those whocan think fast with the courage to act on their ...

you must focus on studying


1. 试试用下面命令启动安装程序,忽略相关检测方式 ./runInstaller -ignoreSysPrereqs -force -ignorePrereq 2. 关于错误:[INS-13001] Environment does meet minimum requirements. 看一下oracle补丁10098816,是否符合

朋友,这是说你的显卡没有达到运行游戏的最低要求(需要至少128M显存) 如果你是笔记本,并且有双显卡 请在PES2013.EXE上点击鼠标右键,在弹出菜单中选择“切换显示核心” 或者参照此文进行操作

Der Anschluss ist auch, ob weiß, dass sie keine anforderungen? 纯手打,望采纳

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