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sliCE AnD DiCE 是甚麼意思?

silce:(动词) 切割 dice:(动词) 将(蔬菜等)切成小方块 两个连起来就是大卸八块的意思

slice and dice_百度翻译 slice and dice 网络 切片和切块; 交叉分析; [例句]Slice and Dice: This ability will no longer play its sound effect twice. 切割:这项技能的音效将不再播放两次。

KCacheGrind can slice and dice datain many ways, and the proper view depends on which problem you want to solve. KCacheGrind 可以以很多种方法对数据进行交叉分析,根据您希望解决的问题选择合适的...

Slice-and-dice is American slang for a violent horror movie in which victims are cut up 是个美国俚语,指暴力恐怖片,例如《德州电锯杀人狂》之类...

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