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steamed bun bun是小圆面包的意思,而bread英文解释是 food made from dough of flour or meal and usually raised with yeast or baking powder and then baked,即由面粉或餐和面团常常积有酵母或烤粉,然后烤成的食物,即烤面包,与蒸馒头不相符

可数 steamed buns

包子 bun 是可数名词! A bun. Two buns. "Good Friday is celebrated with a traditional breakfast of codfish cakes and hot-cross buns ." bread 面包=才是不可数名词! A loaf of bread. A lot of bread.

steamed stuffed bun 包子 steamed [英][sti:md][美][sti:md] adj.蒸熟的; v.冒蒸汽( steam的过去式和过去分词 ); 快速行走,疾行; (靠蒸汽)行驶; 蒸煮; stuffed [英][stʌft][美][stʌft] adj.充满的; 饱的; v.塞住( stuff的过去式和...

steamed stuffed bun 包子 双语例句 The steamed stuffed bun is too hot to eat. 包子太烫了,没法下口。

1. 包子 馒头 Steamed buns | 包子 Steamed stuffed bun | 肉包子 meat bun 2. 花卷 rice米饭 | Steamed stuffed bun花卷 | Steamed twisted roll花卷 steamed stuffed bun 网络例句 1. For some small buns, small steamed stuffed bun like fo...



馒头Steamed buns 或 steamed bread 中式早点 烧饼Clay oven rolls 油条Fried bread stick 韭菜盒Fried leek dumplings 水饺oiled dumplings 蒸饺 Steamed dumplings 馒头Steamed buns 割包Steamed sandwich 蛋饼Egg cakes 饭团Rice and vegetab...

Three years later, he has already mastered various craftsmanship of doing steamed stuffed bun, then ran a snack which specializes in the steamed stuffed b...

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