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因为这些原因,这幅作品从 “20世纪30年代伦布兰特作品” 这个官方目录分类中撤了下来。 注:伦布兰特是荷兰历史上最伟大的画家。

Suffered from the great pressure and defeated by the material society. Undoubtedly, when facing the questions whether it is more important to keep old friends than to make new friends or not, I would like to take an 'agreement'...


你只写了听力的吗。。。reading部分的也要总结啊~亲- -

你好,托福综合写作评分一个很重要的点就是内容完整。OG提到综合写作答案中要包括听力材料中的具体观点和以及采用怎么样的方式对阅读中的观点进行支持/反驳。具体表述:The specific ideas, explanations, and arguments in the lecture that op...


范文: TPO1 The lecturer claims that the new policy, which allows people to work four days a week instead of five, will bring side effects to both the companies and the society. This does not agree with the reading passage, whi...

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