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U R my Sunshine! 所属专辑: GENERATIONS 演唱者: 柿原彻也 作词: Kohei by SIMONSAYZ 作曲: Kohei by SIMONSAYZ 编曲: Kohei by SIMONSAYZ 唱片公司: Kiramune 发行时间: 2013年09月18日 日语歌词罗马尼亚语翻译: U R my Sunshine raza...

35《You Are My Sunshine》__伊利广告歌 (初中时...42非常好听的声音-《I.O.U》(恏侒静啲感觉铯艺...62《夏天的风 离不开他 - 温岚 》

明天会更好-英文版歌词: when u wake up in the morning when u haven't started to think there is a whole brand new day open wide and waiting for u i know in life's sorrow u'r on the verge of drowning may your tears flea with yeste...

10.SS501:《因为我头脑不好》《my girl》《U r Man》《the one》11.usher...62.《That's not my name》63.《Get Down》64.《You are my sunshine》65...

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